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About Graham

 After becoming a regular all over the Austin scene and venues across the country from 2006-2011, Graham took somewhat of a hiatus in touring the past few years to focus on raising his now three year old twin daughters. Though it might seem that it was time off, Wilkinson never stopped writing, painting, recording and playing shows. With that being said, 2014 holds many exciting things from rock n’ roll side projects like Mother Teresa to his regular Wednesday song-swap with fellow Austin-ite, Shawn Nelson, calling themselves “2 fer 1”. He will also re-release a few records never available before directly to his website as well as many new recordings in a number of various outfits, forms and impressions. Also, keep a look a look out for his growing business Until Life Makes Sense inspired by his song “Let It Go” with the line “laugh until life makes sense”.

What They Are Saying

“Graham Wilkinson’s new single and video “FOCUS” definitely has a message to get across but for me, the message is nothing but love and positivity on this gorgeous morning. It’s a great way to start the day. I’m on my third viewing of this video and it’s something I had to share with you all.”

“Imagine if Bruce Springsteen fronted an “up-and-coming” indie band. Then imagine if they lived in So-Cal for a few years, picking up a pair of ears for the surrounding sounds. And then they moved to Texas.” WONY Red Dragon Radio

“Graham Wilkinson makes beautiful music for mountain drives and nature hikes, but also for boisterous bars across North America. The music is original. Some might claim it is a kaleidoscope of roots music, folk, rock, Americana, jazz, and reggae, but really Graham Wilkinson melts away genres and makes new and exciting music.” JamTex

“His voice contains a powerful rawness that belies tremendous songwriting craft. Graham’s lyrics are a journal of discovery. Every song is its own revelation; exuberant, buoyant, and deeply reflective. Graham is intense, brilliantly focused and deeply moving – a raucous celebration!” Bill Harris (Dubious Quality)

“Graham is like no other musician on the scene with charisma in spades and the songs to match. Graham will make you think, drink, dance, maybe even kiss a stranger.” Hayes Carll (Lost Highway Records Artist)

“Graham’s a great singer/songwriter. His songs are deep from the heart. His music on stage comes across as very honest, true and real. His unique voice and style make for an enjoyable live show.” Steve Augello (ThumbPlay/RCA Records)

“In a town (Austin) known for its eclectic music there are very few bands as eclectic as this one.” Jay Trachtenberg (KUT Radio)

“Graham is a little Tom Waits, a bit more Michael Franti with a touch of Springsteen.”
Dwight Baker (Grammy Award Winning Producer)

“A recent release that is easily one of the better “Austin albums” of the year is Graham Wilkinson’s Yearbook. As with many of the great albums that came from the Lone Star state’s capital, Wilkinson doesn’t concern himself with boundaries and constraints of various genre labels. Rock, country, soul and even reggae and ska populate this album, to varying degrees of success.” Kelly Dearmore (

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